Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lake... Big Lake...

I ran this weekend with the running group again. We decided to run at the lake where they held the Beacon on The Bay 25K. You might remember that I had a great race there and have always wanted to get back to that lake and run on the rolling hills. We met early since it has been HOT here in Oklahoma. I am not normally an early morning runner but with the group I seem to do alright. The normal crew was there, My Hero and The Rabbit, along with a couple of other guys I had never met. We had decided to run a full lap around the lake which is about 14 miles in total. Did I mention it was hot? no, OK, IT WAS HOT! This time, however, I loved it! I ran without a shirt and we averaged somewhere around 8 min/mile running in a group of about 5 people. I don't know why but it really felt good to get out in the heat and run a good pace with a good group of friends. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. Some of the runners were nice enough to go out early and drop off water and Gatorade for us. It was absolutely needed that day, I'm not sure I would have made it without that refreshment. 

We finished the run and came back to the boat dock where we started. Some of us had planned to hang around and tailgate afterwards with some "adult" refreshments. I made sure to fill up on plenty of water before partaking in the "Golden Nectar of The Gods". We hung around the parking lot for a few minutes before we realized that we had a nice cold lake just a few feet away. Why not go dangle our feet in the water? So we did. A few more beers later and hey, why not jump in and cool off? So we did. A few more beers later and hey, ... well you get the picture. I had a blast, it was so much fun to hand out by the lake like I used to back home. We all got sunburned and a little loopy then headed into town for lunch. I made it home 8 hours after I left for a "quick" run. 

The Gym 
Ok, so I never learn. Remember that friend of mine who wanted to run the OKC marathon but got a case of runner's knee? Well he is back to running but now has a small baby to care for so he can't run after work like before. He now runs before work (5 AM) and then hits the gym. He invited me to come 
along. I explained to him that I am NOT a morning runner. He did convince me to come to the gym with him in the mornings. I figured I could take a small break from hard running and keep my weight 
down by working my core and upper body everyday with him. Well I forgot how much he works and how much I hurt when I try to do what he does. 

Monday morning I hit the gym at 5:30 and we started the workout from hell! First he had me do these standing jumpy things onto a small platform. he said, "try to do it so both feel land together and try to land lightly". Oh by the way, we did reps of 50, 40, 30, and 20 of these GD things. Holy crap they hurt. We mixed these with some thrusting squats (sounds naughty right??) Then we hit the core work where we did the prop-yourself-on-the-standy-thing and raise-your-legs-in front-of-you torture. They hurt but I actually like those. They are a good hurt. Then we did some crunches and some lift you legs thingys. It was a good workout but I should probably learn how to pace myself in the gym like I do in a marathon. 

The Plan
I have posted my future marathon plans on the right. I figured it was time to commit to some and work out a plan. If you notice I have 2 in October. Truth is I won't do both but figured I'd put them up there just to remind me of when they are. I have decided to key on the Dallas White Rock marathon for a PR. A friend from the running club turned me on to a Boston marathon training program that's pretty aggressive. It's a 16 week program so i could start it in mid August and use the other marathons as training. That will give me the entire summer to get my stupid, worthless, no-good, pain in the butt, let healed!!! Sorry, got off on a tirade there for a minute.

The Leg  
After the run on Saturday, I rested on Sunday and then did the gym workout on Monday morning. The leg did not hurt through any of those events. On my Monday evening run, however, it decided that it would flare up again and both me. I had plans to just run around the block, about 4 miles, just to get some additional heat acclimation in (it was 90+). Well I made it about 2.5 and had to walk because I was limping so badly. The walk gave me some time to come up with some creative cuss words. I just can't get rid of this pain.

I was supposed to run with The Red Runner (my Hero's boyfriend) tonight but my leg hurt all day at work so I figured it was a lost cause and took the kids to the pool instead. Mucho Frustration!!!! The only saving grace is that I have all summer to get over this. Now I just need a plan to make it happen. The one I've tried for the last 6 months has been a miserable failure. 

Mega Hottie 
I am so proud of RBR for her great San Diego marathon! If you haven't checked out her race report be sure to. No one gives a race report like RBR! And she has pictures which is always a plus! 
Mega Hottie = It was hot in San Diego... RBR is a girl..... Get it?? Oh well, I thought is was a good pun.

Thanks for listening  


Reese said...

Wow, I ran Draper just ahead of you guys and I missed all that fun? Oh well, I had to be somewhere else. Nice job on the run and workout.

RBR said...

Sounds like a great run. I would like to find a running group to join (one not filled with mean girls!) I do love running and socializing!

Sorry to hear your leg is still bothering you. Maybe running a marathon PR and scooping up all the age group awards in OKC is partly to blame. I am just sayin'... *wink* (Hey, you pulled me up on my DISASTROUS pre-race meal! And Yes, I do still love you!)

Gym. *sigh* I need to get my sizable arse back into the gym. Your hellish workout reminds me of that. Good for you for getting it done!