Monday, June 9, 2008

Gyms and Selfish Snakes

I've been thinking lately about all the time I spend running and whether or not that could be construed as selfishness. As both of you know, marathon training requires huge amounts of time pounding the pavement and therefore away from home, work, kids. This doesn't even count the opportunity cost of the time. What could we do with the 3 hours I spend every weekend on my long runs. maybe we could go to the Zoo, go to a play, maybe a movie, or maybe just relax at home. When one person in the family is a runner, everyone really becomes part of the lifestyle.

Now here's the deeper problem. I WANT to go running rather than doing those things. Is that wrong? Am I putting my wants ahead of the others around me? Isn't that the definition of selfishness? I really enjoy running and look forward to my long runs on the weekend all week long. No one else in my family shares that joy and love with me. They run, but they don't really have the same passion for it. I don't fault them for it, I totally understand that they have other desires and respect them for it. I don't expect them to understand how much I enjoy running for 3-4 hours and that this could be the highlight of my week. It's a bit insane. But am I pursuing my passion at the expense of their happiness? They never complain but sometime I wonder.

Don't worry, I'm not going to quit running. EEE Gads! That's even tough to type! Stop running?? Never! 

I do believe deeply in self evaluation, however, and therefore feel it's important to confront all the questions that pop into my head. It's my way of being honest with myself after so many years of lying and not knowing myself. I'm comfortable with myself now and I want to make sure it's real. 

Gym again!!!   
Yep, it's true, I'm a repeat offender! I hit the gym again this morning with my buddy. And, Yep, it HURT again. Silly me, what the hell was I thinking? Actually I LOVE it! I figure it's about time my stomach muscles finally starting pulling their weight around this old body of mine. They have had it easy for many years now, making my back and legs do all the work. I can almost hear my legs laughing at my aching abdominal muscles during the workouts. "Yea, how you like that? Not so easy is it, try carrying your lazy ass around for 26.2 miles! That's not easy either Jack!" 

I will be there again tomorrow, and the next and the next. I hope to downgrade these 24 pack abs for at least a 12 pack by the middle of summer. A 6 pack is probably out of the question but who knows??

Call me a snake
So I ran weekend before last around lake Stanley Draper without a shirt. Then I hung around the lake drinking without a shirt on. Guess what my skin is doing now? I'm Shedding like a snake!! It's pretty disgusting so I apologize if you are faint of heart. When I take my shirt off at the end of the day you'd think it was snowing. Just thought I'd share!!!

New favorite songs:
Better as a memory - Kenny Chesney
Are you sure Hank done it this way - Waylon Jennings

Thanks for listening


RBR said...

We were snake-like together. My lovely "tan" from San Diego peeled like an SOB too. I have a permanent "tank top" tattooed on my skin too. Very attractive.

Us pasty, Nordic types were not meant to love the sun as much as you and I do.

Nice work on getting to the gym. I am not even sure I remember how to find the gym.

RBR said...

Oh and about the time running takes from family time. I think that even thought the time commitment is big, the running makes us better at our lives. More "present" than we could have been if we just went to work and came home.

Before running, I just stayed at work more, or went in on the weekends, or worked at home. I don't know. I worry about the same thing, but ...

Sorry, gotta go I have a race this weekend *wink*