Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sucker for a pretty face

I have written before of my fondness for Paula Radcliffe. She is a great runner and an inspiration for me. Well I have always wondered what the heck she wore around her neck while running?? It looked like a really cool necklace. I did some research and learned that it is a Phiten Titanium necklace.

They claim that the titanium helps improve blood circulation and keeps your neck muscles relaxed during a run. I've worked on titanium-based airplanes my whole career and they have frustrated me and made me tense so I think that claim is probably crap, but......

I found a local golf shop that sold Phiten. I bought the necklace and the bracelet! OK so I'm a sucker for anything promoted by people I admire.

Now let me try and rationalize my purchase.
I love wearing bracelets when I run. I bought a yellow Livestrong band last year and wore it while training for my first marathon. It reminded me everyday that while I was struggling through the training there are those who are struggling for their lives and helped put things in perspective for me. I really like it bouncing around on my wrist while I chugged along. I no longer wear it everyday but have worn it in every marathon I have run.

Maybe it's because I have a very plain, boring body but I like to wear necklaces. I think it's a sub-conscience way to divert peoples attention away from my face. I have never found one that I like running in though. Metal just doesn't feel right against sweaty skin and leather shrinks and gets kinda ichy after a few runs. So I hope I like this Phiten (I better for what it costs!). I bought the shortest one they had so it won't hang too loose.

How'd I do?? I know, I'm just another sucker for promotion and celebrities!

On a positive note, I visited my running paraphernalia dealer and he gave me a really nice Brooks tank top. Did you hear that... GAVE ME! You don't get that at an online, no-service, mass-marketing, impersonal "store". I promised him to wear it at all my summer races. Of course, I hear drug dealers give away free things to get their customers hooked also, hmmmm way to similar, better not think about that.
Thanks for listening


Southbay Girl said...

Hi! It's almost 2:30 am, I got home just before 2am-this job SUCKS sometimes!!!! I'm having a glass of vino and heading to bed since I'm going to work at 2pm tomorrow and working until the sun comes up on saturday!!!

I like your free tank! I love free stuff!!! And I think it's very cute that you bought the same necklace that paula radcliffe wears.....did I tell you I ran the NYC marathon the year she won it-but she was WAY ahead of me!!!!

I must go to bed now. Hope to get a run in before work tomorrow. But I've been SICK and have had the worst sinus headache for about 4 days now! It's awful and has made me a miserable git!!

RBR said...

I think you are already strung out, so the gift is probably genuine ;o)

"I've worked on titanium-based airplanes my whole career and they have frustrated me and made me tense so I think that claim is probably crap, but......"

Hoo! That cracked me up! What boys will do for a pretty woman!

(Hey, let me know if it works. I mean, if Paula Radcliffe wears it, it MUST work, right?)