Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday my son

I started this on Thursday but just today got back to it. I decided to leave the what I'd already written so it's written kinda in the past.

Today is was my oldest son's birthday. You know, the big one, he's 14, he outruns me.

To celebrate we went to the Cheesecake Factory. He really didn't want a bunch of attention so we had the waiters sing to him. Wonderful parents we. He is such a great kid. I honestly couldn't ask for a better son. He gets my sense of humor and he likes many of the same things I do. I believe that God gave me exactly what I needed when he gave me that little alien-looking troll 14 year ago today. Smart guy that God.

I had to explain to him tonight how I struggle as a parent to both respect his privacy and snoop just enough to know that he's not starting down a slippery slope of trouble. This arose from an incident a few days ago when I was caught reading his text messages. He was rightfully upset with me and I felt like I'd stepped over a line. In the end we made up and could laugh about it. I did make it clear to him tonight that I will read/snoop/pry/dig into his life if I feel the need. He's not old enough to avoid all the pitfalls life has to throw at him nor should he have to be. He has parents for a reason, we need to shelter him a little and keep the REALLY bad things from happening or going to far. The other things he will just have to learn on his own and it will make him a stronger man in the end.

I left him with the notion that I will get into his life when I feel the need. Right now, however, I don't feel the need because he's a great kid.

Later that night I found him laying in my bed watching TV. I grabbed a baby picture off the dresser and sat down beside him. I started recalling all the great moments from when he was a baby and how cute he was. I was on an emotional roll. Then he stopped me. Took the picture out of my hand and said, "Dad, this is my brother's baby picture".

Go me! Dad of the year!

Thanks for listening


Calyx Meredith said...

Happy Birthday to your son! He sounds like a terrific guy.

I have to say that you don't even make the runner's up list for D.O.T.Y. for holding one son's baby picture while telling cute stories on the other. My ex totally has you beat. He "helped" my oldest with a school all-about-me project once since the assignment fell on his weekend. He provided our middle son's baby pictures instead of oldest's. You know how I know? Our oldest has red hair - not blond AND our oldest son has all of his fingers while our middle son was born with only four on one hand. These are all clearly visible in the pictures!! Doh! My oldest said he noticed but didn't want dad to feel bad so he hadn't said anything! (Boys!)

I think it's super that you and your son share a passion for running! You need to get some pictures of y'all running together at all ages and stages. That will make a great montage. Peace my friend!

Reese said...

What a great dad.

Sarah said...

Hee it! You're a great dad, Willie taking care of your son!

Happy Birthday, "Big One"!

JenZen said...

HAHAHA - sooo cute, and heartfelt and funny at the same time. Great post Willie! Happy Birthday to your son. Sounds like you're an amazing Dad to me.

RBR said...

Awesome story! To me all babies look the same so I will not judge!

Happy birthday to little Willie!

Ok, that sounds just wrong... moving on.

Mike G said...

Cheesecake factory is so damn good - even the salads are excellent there.

My nephew is the same age as your older son so I know what you mean about having to walk a thin line there. Sounds like he's lucky to have a dad who cares.

Middle-of-the-Pack Girl said...

Ah Willie, if I had caught you reading my text messages as your kid, I would have let you have it. What can I say, I was a pain in the ass as a teenage girl. By the way, be glad you have boys, we girls can REALLY make your life hell as teenagers.

We used to laugh at our mom when she'd get upset and call us by all of our siblings' names. :-)