Monday, March 2, 2009

My dead body

I'm still feeling good about the race on Saturday and my body hasn't retaliated yet either. Life is good.

Some totally random thoughts.

I received a gift certificate for a Road ID for Christmas. I put off ordering the thing for a long time for the following reason. I don't like planning my own demise. You see in Willie's mind, buying a Road ID, i.e. a body tag, is way to much planning for my own death. The purpose of a Road ID is to give some stranger information about me at a time when I can't because I'm dead or near dead. Wonderful thought! I don't plan things I enjoy, I'm sure as heck not going to put much thought into this little event in my life. Of all things I want to be totally random and unplanned, this would top the list. In the end, I gave in and ordered the stinking thing because of the following little gem of Willie wisdom. I don't want my kids to worry about what happened to me any longer than necessary. If I die I want the important people in my life to know about it ASAP. No sitting around and wondering if I just found a great new bar during my long run, I want them to know I've finally bought the farm and they can start the inheritance process (that final cruel joke I'll play on them, much like the "college fund" I tell them about! Ha, you wish!)

I said I am still reveling in the joy I found during Saturday's race. Well as I was perusing the race results AGAIN, I noticed that in the overall results I was 17th and in the overall male results I was 12th. That means that there were 5 women ahead of me in the top 15. A woman was 3rd overall in fact! I vaguely remember that as I was nearing the turn-around there was a women in 2nd place. How cool is that? Now you may think I'm just sucking up here since I'm well aware that the majority of the readers of this blog are women but I'm not (OK maybe a little, I'm still very afraid of RBR). I really do think this is cool.

I hit the Elliptical tonight for 45 minutes as a way of giving my knee another break. I'll run tomorrow night but haven't decided if I'll do the speedwork I'm supposed to do. I'm going to race a 10K this Saturday and figure that will suffice for my speedwork. We'll see. The weather in Oklahoma is going to be WONDERFUL this week. They say we could hit 86 on Thursday (be jealous, be very jealous). It will, of course, be sunny also so this is perfect weather for me. I'll take it.
My apologies to Southbay girl who I know hates warm sunny weather since she's cursed with it 364 days a year in southern California.

Here's a picture from Saturday's race a friend sent me. It was cold if you can't tell.

Thanks for listening


Southbay Girl said...

8 what?? 86 degrees and you like that? Are you smoking CRACK?? That SUCKS!!!! It rained here, briefly, today and cooled off and I was overjoyed! of course I was on a stage all day long and didn't come outside until it was dark....but I knew it had cooled down!! Come can't really like hot sunny weather????? I just don't understand you sun loving peeps!!!

Glad you are still feeling good after your race! I missed the last chance to get my beer mug-I was sleeping! And I sure wouldn't be one of those women that finished ahead of you!!! penguin Penny!!!

Calyx Meredith said...

I never have the sound on my computer on - so I don't usually hear your music. How much fun to hear A Pirate Looks at Forty today!!! LOVE IT!

I've totally forgotten what I was going to comment on from your post. (Think, think, think.) Oh yeah - was going to giggle at you being scared of RBR (hee hee hee) and then I was going to say that I am your total polar opposite in the Road ID department. My gut feeling is that if I have one of those things then nothing could happen to me. It's the shit I don't plan for that's going to bite me in the butt, I just know it!!

Sarah said...

I feel like a total jerk (inadvertently) right now! My reader didn't feed me your last post with the race results! I just opened my computer this morning and got this post, which made me scratch my head. So I got on your blog and OH MY GOODNESS!!! You totally rock my socks off! Can you please come to MO and train me to run? (I'm making my voice really whiney right now.)

That Road ID is something I've been wanting to get for a while but keep putting off. Like life insurance....hmmmmm, I really should get on that. Ry is screwed if I bite it. My cats too.

I am so jealous of your beautiful weather! We're supposed to get in the 70's, at least that is what they are saying today but our weathermen are somewhat silly and it changes by the day.

Have a super day, my friend! Enjoy those race results! Geez, that deserves something special. I'll have to think about what to do for you...

JenZen said...

I need to get a road ID too. I try and stay on roads with people, but the trail runs can get a little remote sometimes.

Jealous of your weather! We're in the freakin' 30s here!! It's crazy!! But it's supposed to go up to the 70s by the weekend.

And sucking up will get you praises and accolades.

Southbay Girl said...

Hmmm... What Oklahoma races are there coming up? It's so hard for me to leave for a weekend when I'm working on a tv show-i have no life and all I do is sleep on the weekends-cry me a river I know!

Middle-of-the-Pack Girl said...

Ah yes, to be cursed with 364 days of 80+ weather, I WISH!! Anyone else who feels that way, come and sit by me!!

yes, you can tell by the look on your face - you were freezing your butt off, weren't you?