Sunday, November 8, 2009

Return to {insert something here}

Isn't it funny how you can be fully aware of something but it never seems to become real until someone else points it out?

I know very well that I haven't written a pixel-formed word on this electronic shrink I call a blog in many weeks. But when that fact was confirmed for me today by a wonderful friend whom I had seen in awhile, I immediately planned a writing session for today. I think that's call shame but since I don't get the whole "emotional" thing at all, I really can only speculate. It's hard to shame a West Virginia hill-billy after all.

So here I am! I'm writing. See I just did it again!

The tough part is to have something to write about. My subject should be easy to chose since this is a running blog. A blog about running that is. Running blog. Yea. That's what this is really.

Running. Hmmm, that's a tough subject lately. I have run. I ran today, in fact! Look at me go making blog fodder like that. I ran 4 miles at the tail-end of the 12 mile group training run. I forgot Paula so I don't know how fast I did it and I'm only guessing at the 4 mile distance. It felt good but my chest was a little tight afterwards.

I should backup and tell you (the one person left reading this blog, or you, the poor sap who typed a URL wrong and ended up here by some weird twist of fate) that the major event in my life lately has been SICKNESS! That's right people, I'm a freakin hostel for germs and viruses lately.

"Come one, Come all! Stay at Germ-de-Willie! A 5-Star luxury biological disaster that will pamper your entire microscopic family. Kids eat free on Wednesday"

If you remember (Ha!) I spent a week fighting and losing a battle with the flu. The aftershocks of that little rumble were just beginning to wear off last week. Monday I felt GREAT for the first time and I took full advantage of it by running 5 miles incredibly hard (read STUPID). Tuesday I still felt good so I started up my gym workouts again. I did a small core routine in the morning during which my core complained the entire time but finished like a trooper. I continued to feel good after work so I ran a quick 3 miles in the evening. Wednesday I went to Yoga. Take a minute and let that sink in. Willie......Yoga......Ummmmm. That's right I finally did it. I took a Yoga class and it was really cool. I did the Breath of Fire, was a Willow tree, and took the universe into my soul and then let it out many times. I went for the stretching and was satisfied with it in the end. I need stretching and will breathe the universe of Willow trees if that's what it takes to get it.
Wednesday night I ran a quick 2 miles out at the Lake and as I was leaving noticed a slight tingle in my throat. That tingle quickly turned into pain and the rest of my body joined in with gusto so that my entire carbon shell was in full chorus making Willie feel like CRAP later that evening. Those little glandy-things in my neck were (are) swollen like little rocks and it hurt to breathe. So much for being back in good form.
So now it's Sunday and the time between Wednesday night and right now is a black hole of misery that I really don't care to remember. I'm feeling better but my glandy-things are still swollen and it hurts to swallow which I guess shows improvement.

{begin whiny-girlyman section}
I really want to be well. And not just well for a day or two. Well for like a month! That would be great! Maybe I need a bubble. Willie's bubble of wellness I'll call it. Anyone got one of those? If so, bleach it out and send it to me please.

So I'm back. I've missed you.

Thanks for listening


cath said...

WElcome baaaccckkkk! Missed you!! Get well soon, juice some carrots apples and celery. eat some garlic. sleep a lot. relax about it all.
it a moment in time...(yep...i know its easy to say all that when its happening to someone else....objectivity...)

Southbay Girl said...

I'm sorry you've been sick! Being sick sucks! I haven't been sick yet-and I'm not sure why! maybe it's the Kombucha's I drink, maybe the fact that i don't eat meat anymore, maybe it's the sleep I've been getting, maybe it's listening to my body FINALLY and sleeping and resting when I just don't feel up to running,maybe it's the flu shot I got for the first time ever...who knows.....but I hope you find something that will pull yourself out of this sickness! Chicken noodle soup, sleep and tea! Go buy some Kombucha at Whole Foods-I swear it works!!

And listen to your body and to YOU!!

Calyx Meredith said...

I hope you're feeling better! Maybe you need more yoga? (Ha ha - I typed "yoda" the first time and then got this mental image of you saying something all Yoda-esque like, "Get better I will, hmmm." And then I realized I was sitting here chuckling while you were languishing away in a pit of viral contagion over there in Oklahoma. So sorry man!!) But what I've learned from your blog over these many months is you're probably out there still kicking butt on your runs. Is now a good time to tell you that I think, maybe, possibly I want to (try to) do my first marathon this spring in Nashville?

cath said...

Hi Willie...wotcha doing? How are you? Namaste! Happiness to you!