Saturday, August 9, 2008

7 Miles in my hometown

Normally my trips back home are a series of small tortures induced by my parents or my in-laws involving massive guilt for never coming home or not spending enough time with any of them. Inevitably the conversation will turn to religion and I will be accused of being a horrible father because my children are being raised by a Catholic mother, Gasp, hiss, OMG how could I let this happen!! Maybe this explains why my religion of choice is alcohol and running! Run that little piece of information past my family and you may have a heart attack on your hands! Then they start to get on my kids and it's game on. That's when I usually lose all ability to maintain demeanor and walk out the door. Needless to say, there's a reason I live no closer than 8 hours from them.

Well this time I am prepared. I have an already beat-up mental state and massive amounts of Whisky ready for anything they can throw at me. I am calm, I have resolved not to speak and to be drunk or running for a majority of the trip. 

So today I implemented this plan by sleeping in and heading out for an easy run as soon as I got up. I decided to run one of my favorite high school routes which starts at the local park and runs across the Ohio river bridge. It turns out that this is homecoming weekend and the park was in the middle of a carnival when I arrived. GREAT! I parked outside the park and just headed out. I felt great and was easily maintaining a 8:10 pace. I thought that was a little fast so I slowed some hoping to get a long slow run in. I took some pictures on the bridge.

Photo: If you can't read it that says "Parkersburg, WV"         This one is looking back at the bridge with a sternwheeler

After my jaunt across the bridge I headed back into Ohio and along the river past my old track coach's house. I haven't seen him in years and didn't dare stop. 

Then I ran back into town and headed for my old track. The last time I was on this track it was cinders. Now it was rubberized. Wow, Belpre Ohio has come into the 20th century! Did I mention I had to climb over construction equipment to get out on the track? Well, I guess I wasn't supposed to be out there and I got caught! The guy was really great but I could tell he didn't want me there. Screw him, go ahead and call the cops that would make it just like my high school days. I snapped a few pictures and left. 

Photo: My old track stands. They are now named after my track coach! Oh great now I feel old!

I left my high school and picked up the pace to a good 7:20 min/mile pace for the last mile and a half. I walked around the carnival for a few minutes to cool down while making sure not to make eye contact with anyone I probably should know. Lots of memories and bad flashbacks.

Thanks for listening

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Reese said...

Looks like a great run. Nice plan for dealing with the folks and in-laws. I understand more and more why you live in Oklahoma. Or I guess anywhere other than the "beautiful meadow."