Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A quickie

OK so I'm a little delinquent with my San Francisco trip and race report. So sorry but I had to get some work taken care of and I am leaving tomorrow to get my son in Ohio (Yea! I can't wait to see him). I have uploaded my pictures so you can look at them while you wait.
 In a nutshell I had a ball in San Francisco. I met RBR and her posse', The Athena Diaries author, Calyx and Donna, and 19,000 of my closest friends at the race. It was a great trip. 

I got my first post marathon run in tonight. 5 miles in the heat nice and easy. My legs feel tired but good, no pain so that's a plus. 

I have to get rest up for the Parkersburg 1/2 marathon which is next weekend. Once again I will be running on those hill things again. This is my home town race so I have to have a good showing. There are some big hills on this course though so I don't know how I'll handle that. Oh well, I haven't been home in so long no one will remember me anyway!

My Boston qualifying program start as soon as I get back from Ohio. After San Francisco my hopes are not very high that I will get to 3:15 this year. I know I didn't train but 3:50 is a long way from 3:15! I'm not giving up on my goal but I am a little down about it. Maybe some hill training and speedwork will brighten my spirits and give me that Boston hope again! 

Thanks for listening

Race report soon I promise to write it in the car tomorrow and post it from the hotel!!!!

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JenZen said...

3:50...WITHOUT TRAINING!!! In the hills and the heat. You can TOTALLY get to 3:15. Pfff....piece of cake. (Mmm....cake sounds good.) HA!

ryc: LOVE, LOVE Sour Patch Kids!!!!