Saturday, August 9, 2008

More San Francisco Ramblings

Tired of hearing about my San Francisco adventure yet??

Here is a link to my race photos. Be sure to notice the one where I'm texting! Didn't see that camera! Ooops

I made it to Ohio last night and my son is HUGE! It seems he has grown a foot since I saw him last. He is also very delightful to be around. Hmmm. Something must be up, he wasn't like that when he left. Oh well, I'll never understand children so I guess I'll ride the good wave until it crashes.

We stopped off at my favorite Whisky (old-Scottish spelling I learned) distillery yesterday while driving through Kentucky. Marker's Mark distillery is a wonderful place to visit. We got to tour the facility and got free samples!! I also dropped a few thousand dollars at the gift shop (surprise). I bought a special bottle for my good buddy back home and also some accessories for his bar. 

The weather here in Ohio is WONDERFUL! It's sunny and warm but not hot. It's great, I'm heading out for a run on my old High School routes. I am hoping to run across the Ohio-West Virginia bridge today which was one of my favorite routes. Tomorrow I am going to do my long run on the Braun-Farson loop which has major hills on it. My wife thinks I'm insane but I have to prove I can still run those hills. I used to run them at least once a week and they were hard but not impossible. It's a 13 mile loop and with the weather it should be a perfect long run. We'll see and you'll hear!!

Thanks for listening 

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