Monday, August 11, 2008

Country Road take me home....

Got my long run in yesterday on the country roads and hills around my home town. I used to run these roads and hills all the time when I was younger. When I was much younger. When I used to run hills a lot. When I had stamina and strength. When I ... Well you get the point. This run hurt much more than I remember.

I forgot to bring my interface cable for Garmin or I would post the elevation chart from this course. It looks a lot like this 
          /\        /    \
        /    \    /        \
      /        \/            \
    /                            \
  /                                \
/                                    \   etc...

I snapped some pictures but they don't do the hills justice. 

I ran a total of 11 miles and I actually felt pretty good. The hills only lasted for the first 6 miles then I finished off in town. I ran past my grandfathers grave and the house I grew up in. I then ran down the main street in town where I got honked and waved at by someone I'm sure I should know. 

I ended the run by adding the Lee street hill which my coach used to make us do hill repeats on. It is short but steep.

I am beginning to settle down here at home. Things are going well and I've stayed away from the bottle for the most part. Today I'm taking a break from running to let myself recover from 2 hard days. I am watching the Olympics and resting. 

Thanks for listening

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JenZen said...

What a beautiful road to run on! I love running on country roads. Something about it is so peaceful and zen. Great job with the hills too. We don't have too many of them in Louisiana and they kick my *ss! :-) Great John Denver song reference btw.