Friday, August 1, 2008

California or bust... Maybe both

Couldn't resist the Oklahoma - California connection... 

Well I'm getting ready to jump on that plane and begin my weekend adventure. I'm getting excited now that it is actually happening. I fly to LA and then San Francisco tonight getting in around midnight. I'll sleep in a little since it will be my last opportunity to rest and be up at the Expo on Saturday morning. Being a total freak for marathon merchandise I will probably mortgage the house on RUNSFM hats, shirts, underwear, etc... Oh yea, I will also get checked in and get my bib and chip for the race, can't forget that. 

Then I'll trek northward to meet my buddy RBR while she swims/bikes/runs the Mary (not-Barbs) triathlon. You know, I don't think I would want to meet someone for the first time after a 1/2 ironman triathlon. Maybe it's just me, but I think I'd be a little tired and not-at-my-best after that. The cool thing about this though is that tired, worn-out feeling is what brought us together in the first place so I guess I'd say, what better way to meet? You don't meet a fellow running buddy for a cheeseburger, you meet them for a run! That's what I love about this, we'll be in our element.

After the tri (and some California wine, just a little!), I'll head south again to try and get some dinner and rest. Then it's up early to find a parking spot in downtown San Francisco so I can get to the start by 5:30 which I think is my starting time. I hope those other 17,000 runners don't have to park down there too! That could get messy. Southbay girl and RBR have warned me to expect a $50 parking bill. I suppose that beats the $90 parking TICKET I got in LA last time I was there so I won't complain.

Golden Gate Bridge here I come, thank you all for the encouragement. I'll be thinking of you while I run.

Thanks for listening  

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JenZen said...

Ahhh - so jealous...of the wine and trip...not the 26 miles. :) Hope it was a great race!