Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One week marathon training

So I've got a week to train for a marathon any tips??

So I haven't done my typical 20 miler 3 weeks before, I haven't built up my weekly mileage, I haven't done speedwork since April, I haven't taken an E-Gel since May, I just got new orthotics and my longest run in them is 10 miles, and I don't have a place to stay in San Francisco yet so I may be sleeping in the car the night before the marathon. How can I pull this off? I DON'T HAVE A CLUE AND I DON'T CARE! This will truly be a FUN marathon. I want to eat up the atmosphere, the people, the weather, the Golden Gate bridge, etc... I'd like to say that my time won't matter but I know that my inner well being needs a 3:45 or better to avoid ego-destruction. 

In my search for flights, rental cars and hotels, I have come to the conclusion that rental car agencies need to start renting motorcycles. If I could rent a motorcycle I wouldn't have to worry about parking and I could save a fortune on gas. It the perfect idea! OK so maybe not, but for me it would awesome, possibly the only thing that could improve this weekend.

Did I mention I get to run across the Golden Gate bridge? I'm a little excited about that. 

I'm also excited to be running in a great city like San Francisco. I've only been there once before but it was so beautiful and interesting that I have always wanted to go back. What better way to see a city than to run 26.2 miles through it? I can't think of any.

One interesting human emotion comment. The cool thing about blogging is that you can share the best parts of yourself to others who you don't have to worry about ever finding out what you look like, what you act like, or how much of a total dork you can be. It's like the perfect relationship. So what do you do when you are now faced with meeting some of your blogging pals? First reaction is WOW this is awesome, second reaction is HOLY CRAP this is scary! It's sad that a man of my age still gets butterflies when meeting new friends. All I need is my mom to come lecture me about being myself and not worrying about what others think. That and a pair of parachute pants and my old REO Speedwagon T-shirt and I'd be right back in those old feelings!!

On a totally different note...
I got so caught up in my excitement that I forgot to mention that my wife ran a PR at the midnight streak Saturday night! She ran a 31:57 5K which is the kind of time she used to run in high school. She was so excited, I think she may have finally gotten bit by the running bug. This was the first time I actually saw joy in her face after a race. It was cute to watch someone get that first taste of running success and watch how it can change them. At that first taste of success suddenly the world makes sense, all things become possible and you feel GREAT. That is the true soul of running and it's cool to see it first hand. 

I just found a couple of videos of the marathon course on Youtube. There were some parts that confused me. There seemed to be an incline to the road at some points. I'm not familiar with those land formations. I think they called them "hills", anybody familiar with those things? You don't have to actually run up them right? They provide an elevator don't they? They look a little like Oklahoma, only tilted. I'm sure someone has seen them also and alerted the race organizers that there are hazardous obstructions on the course and they can re-route it around them. Yea, I'm sure that's what they'll do.


JenZen said...

"Resist Urge to Die" - PUHAHAHAHAHAH!!! OMG - LOVE IT! I will remember that on my long runs and it will make me laugh. Thanks!

So cool, so cool that you get to run across the Golden Gate Bridge! San Fran is so pretty - it's going to be a great run. You'll be awesome. Have fun with it!

Shelley said...

I know exactly how you feel. I've met a few blog buddies and was a nervous wreck about it. I was so nervous about meeting RBR this past April...and we RAN together! I was hoping to MEET first, chill out, THEN run! But, I have to say, it was all good!! She is so easy to meet, so friendly, happy, and chatty! You will love her. Don't even worry! I'm sure the others will be fine, too.
Have a blast on your trip! I live in Marin and its gorgeous...this time of year is perfect. You're going to have fun. Yea, who is Barb? LOL
Take care!

JenZen said...

Good luck, good luck, good luck!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!!!