Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's hot, really hot, damn hot, sizzlin' hot, I mean it's hot

Got my long run in today but I paid for it. I slept in because I'm still in a bit of a funk and just couldn't get out of bed this morning. By the time I decided to hit the trail it was 90 degrees. I loved it, for the first 5 miles. Then I came to the realization that I need water. Really badly. Really, really badly. Funny that never occurred to me BEFORE I started around the lake. You would think 90 degrees and no clouds would have clued me in, but no, the depths of my stupidity no no bounds! So I struggled through another mile and finally got to a water fountain. You could say that I bathed in that water fountain. I poured water on my head, legs, neck, back, everything that I could. 

This put me back on track and I was back under 8 min/mile for the next couple miles. It felt great, the sun beating down on just me and my shoes and shorts. I hit the next water fountain and did the same. Another 2 miles and repeat at the next water fountain. This got me home and I relaxed on the last mile to cool down a bit. I ended up getting in 10 miles with 9 of them under 8 min/mile. I won't say it was easy but I do think I could have gone faster. I keep reminding myself that I am just getting used to a faster pace. I don't have to be able to run it NOW, just have to pick it up a little now so I can jump into the Boston training program at the end of August with a jump start. 

After the run I got a great endorphin rush which I LOVE! This reminds me why I run these long runs. Even now I have that wonderful light-headed feeling and a great feeling of fatigue that will help me sleep great tonight. I haven't had time for a nap but maybe I'll catch one. All in all, a great day.

Thanks for listening.


Calyx Meredith said...

Lucky there were water fountains! What a great run. You are going to do well in that Boston program.

Southbay Girl said...

Hot-hate it!

So sorry I've been the absent blogger! I'm in a bit of a low right now-physically and mentally! I need a vacation and my body is telling me in ways I really don't want to hear! It's not looking good that I'll be able to run in San fran in 2 weeks-my hamstring gave up on me! I guess I've been pushing myself too hard without rest! And now I'm paying for it!

I'm also in a personal funk! It's getting closer to a year after my ex boyfriend left me-and all the feelings are coming back again! What an asshole he is-but him leaving still hurts! Right now I don't want to ever have a man in my life but then I get lonely! I know one day someone will come into my life when I'm ready! But right now is not that time for me! Still healing! Never thought it would take so long to heal from someone walking out on me!!!

My cat is sick and I think getting sicker and there is nothing I can do!! He has renal failure...

I feel like I have no life but running and now that I pulled a hamstring muscle I can't even do that! And the weather is perfect me weather-overcast and cool in the mornings! But I have to listen to my body right now!

I'm so sorry I've been missing! I'm emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted from this tv show-which premiers by the way this sunday on AMC.

RBR said...

Willie: Even now I have that wonderful light-headed feeling and a great feeling of fatigue that will help me sleep great tonight.

*raises eyebrow*

I know, I am so 13 sometimes.

Just wanted to say "hi"!

JenZen said...

Funny - you're posting about how hot it was and I'm basking in the after rain coolness. Maybe you guys will catch some of the hurricane related rain too.

Great job on your 10 IN THE HEAT NO LESS!! That's awesome! I had to start carrying a fuel belt with me. I about died on my last 8 without it.