Saturday, July 26, 2008

If you're going to San Francisco...

This morning the running club met at 6 AM to run around Lake Hefner and I actually made it out with them!! Yea for me. I hadn't run with them for awhile and was a little nervous about just showing up but they were just as I remember them, fun! I joined up with a couple people who were running the entire loop around the lake and we settled into a nice 8 min/mile pace. Of course we ended up a little faster now and then but we took long breaks at the water stops so this more than compensated for the faster pace. I had a ball! It was great to run with people again. It didn't hurt either that the temperature was well below 90 and the sun hadn't yet come up. In fact I was able to watch the sun rise over the lake at one point and I was reminded why I love running at Hefner. It really is beautiful at times. I ran 10 miles in 80 minutes. I thought that was cool since it equates to exactly 8 min/min. There is something I like about good, round numbers during a run. It's a runner thing that you just can't run 9.8 miles or any distance of with a . in it. I will always add some distance to round out the number. Funny thing. 

My wife is running the Midnight Streak tonight at, you guessed it, midnight. It's a 5k so I am going to pass and be on kid duty while she runs. Running a 5k at midnight should be reserved for younger people who actually see the hour of midnight once in awhile. Me, I'm a 9 PM in-bedder or else so midnight will be a bit of an adventure. 

I am seriously considering jumping on a plane and running the San Francisco marathon next weekend. I know it's a late decision but if you knew me better you wouldn't be surprised. Long term planning for me is in hours, not days or weeks. I had been thinking about San Francisco for some time because I love the city and really want to run across the Golden Gate bridge. I was also aware that Southbay Girl and Calyx were going to run it so I thought this would be a perfect chance to connect in person with some E-friends. Now, of course, Southbay Girl has a hurt foot and Calyx may not make it either.  Darn! Oh well, I still want to run across the bridge and eat some seafood on the wharf. If I remember correctly, they also have wine not too far north of the city. Good wine. I like wine. We'll see....

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JenZen said...

Sounds like a GREAT run! I love running with a group. It always gives me that extra little push to run faster. Our group "officially" starts back up Sept 1 (they train for the Mardi Gras Marathon). It'll be great to have everyone back again.

Ohh - I love San Fran! You should totally go! That way I can live vicariously through you and you can tell us all about it! :-D