Monday, July 14, 2008

On the run

Well it seems like I've been on the road since May! I was home this weekend but am waiting on another airplane today to take me away. This time, at least, I'm going somewhere nice. I'll be in lovely Florida for the week and will be staying right on the beach. Lot's of long sunset beach runs I hope. 

I have gotten back into running pretty well over the last week. I took a few weeks off to heal my leg and get my head straight and at least one of those has shown improvement. My new orthotics seem to be working well. I can still feel my leg but it's not pain anymore, it's more like an itchy, healing feeling. I have been aggressively icing and massaging the leg everyday. I have also gone back to using the Chinese liniment that Southbay girl recommended months ago. All of this has lead to 3 great runs last week in the hills of NY and a GREAT long run yesterday at my beloved Lake Hefner here in OKC. Oh, yea, all of this with NO Ibuprofen. I'm cautiously optimistic that I may have found the solution to this long-running problem.

I keep looking at the training plan I have decided to follow for my quest for a Boston Qualifying time. I am trying to think of it as reality instead of just a dream (Thanks Calyx!). I have also been trying to get my body used to running a faster pace. I have a few weeks to go before the training plan starts and I want to get a head start at the pace. It's not that much faster than I normally train at but I am worried about maintaining that pace for a 16 week schedule. 

The good thing is that I have lots of encouragement from all my wonderful blogger friends. Thanks for that.

Thanks for listening


Reese said...

It's good to hear from you and that things are going well. I have talked to several people who have had success with the First program. I have used a modified (by me) version, and think it helped me get faster. Be safe and run well in Florida.

Calyx Meredith said...

I just (last week?) read two different (positive) references to the First program; I hope it works well for you! I'm soooooo glad to hear you've taken such good care of that leg that it's healing (w/o NSAID's!) That is SUPER news.

I was thinking of you on my run (my EIGHT MILE run!!) this morning. I ran the whole way (only walking to take in gel + water). When I finished feeling pretty good, I caught myself thinking, "Only 5 miles more and I'd have run the half." When I realized I had put the word "only" in front of the phrase "five miles" in the context of running - I thought, "Holy crap!" And then I thought, "Willie will be proud of me." :D

Calyx Meredith said...

And how could I have forgotten to mention the Weiner Dog picture?!! OMG I laughed and had to show everyone in the house before I could even read your post! Where do you find that stuff?! TOO FUNNY!

RBR said...

Run, Hot dog, run! Which course have you picked to go for the 3:15?

Take care of that leg! I have never qualified for the Boston Marathon, but I am pretty sure legs are important.