Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Life's a beach

More fun at the beach for Willie. My trip is going really well, working with the customer is great and the weather is fantastic. I have to leave tomorrow so tonight was my last run on the sand. I went a different direction tonight and ended up in a very isolated section of beach. It was great, no dodging sandcastles and little kids, just me and the waves. The incline still bothered me but I suffered through it as this was my last night and I will be back in flat and level Oklahoma tomorrow. Tonight was an easy run, 5 miles at 8 min/mile pace. It was relaxing and felt really good. I am feeling a little out of marathon form but figure I will get back there soon as I start my training.

I plan to work most of the day tomorrow and catch a late flight back home. I'll work Friday and then get my long run in probably Saturday. The club is running on the Edmond hills which I love so I may join them. As much as I love being at the beach I am SOOOOO ready to be home for awhile. This traveling thing is really wearing on me. My emotional state is best described as mush! I need to regain my base and get back to a normal life soon or I may implode!

I went out tonight to a place called Helen Back. What a great bar! The pizza was wonderful and it was right on the beach so I could drink my Whiskey and watch the waves roll in at the same time. Of course, I got back to the hotel way to late and will suffer horribly tomorrow for this but it's OK, I'll survive.
Thanks for listening


Calyx Meredith said...

You should put the Outer Banks (OBX) marathon on your list someday! Enjoy your last day at the beach and travel home safely.

JenZen said...

Oh...there's is truly no place like home. I used to travel frequently with my old job and it gets old. Fast.

I laugh at your "easy" run - 5 miles at 8 min pace! HAHAHAH...whew...Oh Lord - a girl can dream. If only. My "easy" runs are 3 milers (at a 10:00 pace no less). But, I'm workin' on it! :D Great job!

RBR said...

Alright, as long as this is a one shot deal I will allow this little dalliance. We Californians are all about the free love as long as you remember whose beaches are best!

Travel safe and take care of you!