Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Plan

So I can't stop thinking about 3:15. I see it everywhere. I had been looking at training programs online when I discovered the Furman Boston qualifying program in the Runner's World book Run Less Run Faster. I have seen the Furman programs before when I was training for my first marathon. They emphasis quality over quantity which really appeals to me now because I have so little time available to give to running. 

The only problem with the 3:15 training plan are the pace's I'm supposed to run. It's a 16 week program and the first workout is speedwork on the track where I'm supposed to run 2x1600 at 6:12 pace! My fastest mile last year was 6:00 and that was just 1 mile. I have to do 2 of them back to back. I suppose running a 3:15 will not come easy so I'll buck up and see what I can do. 

My current plan is to ice and massage my leg twice a day from now until mid-August when I will start the program. I will only run 1-2 times per week from now until then while I try to get over this pain. If I don't fix this leg pain the program will fail before it even starts. I am putting all my hope in the new orthotics once I get the leg rested and healed. My shoe dealer (who is also a pediatrist) was very confident that my old orthotics were causing the injury to re-occur. Oh how I hope he's right.

I'm heading out of town again tomorrow. I will be in the north land for a week then I will be in Florida for a week. I will be "working" on the gulf coast. This will make it very hard not to run a lot of miles but I will have to control myself if I want to succeed. Wish me luck.

Thanks for listening


Southbay Girl said...

Hey-I'm thrilled you've set 3:15 as a goal! I think it's tremendous and I know you can do it! I just hope you are doing this for you and only you!! Not for anyone or anything else! I know you are in an odd place right're traveling, away from home, dealing with an injury-please don't lose sight of what is most important to you!!! Remember no matter what-we, I, am here for you even though it feels like I'm not! I have my "own" issues that I am always dealing with as well!!! I hope you have a very insightful, relaxing, mellow, fun whatever two weeks away!!! I hope you come home refreshed and happy!

Calyx Meredith said...

I hope you have (had) a good work trip and get (got) to run enough to feed your soul but not too much to strain your leg! It sounds like this goal has really sparked something inside of you and that's a great sign. If it calls to you that much then you'll stay committed to it long after your initial enthusiasm wears thin. Hope the new orthotics help you get in exactly the right shape to start your training program!

Southbay Girl said...

Have you disappeared?