Saturday, July 19, 2008

Home at last

As much as I loved the beach, it was nice to hear those tires screech on the runway in OKC. I got home late Thursday night and got up early to ride my baby to work on Friday. It was a beautiful morning and my girl was running and sounding great. I think she missed me. Why do motorcycles and dogs seem to be the only things in the world that truly miss guys when they leave! Maybe because they are the only things in the world who can put up with all of our faults!!!

I really wanted to get up today and hit the Edmond hills with the Landrunners but when I woke up I felt like crap. My son had crawled into bed with me and was cuddling so it wasn't hard to quickly decide I wasn't getting up. I snuggled up closer to him and went back to sleep for awhile. Then he kicked me in the side and stole my pillow so figured it was time to get coffee. 

It's going to be hot today so I may go out and get my 10 miles in the sun. I love running in the heat but am somewhat concerned with running long hard miles in it. There is always tomorrow. My head isn't really clear anyway so it may be best to take another day off and let my old body relax and get back to normal. Then again, it will be hard to not get out there and run today.

On another note, my oldest son is in Ohio spending time with the grandparents. So far he has spend most of his time swimming in the pool, shooting guns at my farm, blowing up half the county with fireworks (got the sheriff called for that one), eating them out of house and home, NOT TEXTING HIS FATHER BACK!, going to an Indy car race, camping with his cousins at my farm, etc... As you can see he is having a total GUY summer. It may take months to bring him back to reality. I guess every boy needs something like this and I hope it helps him relax but he really needs to TEXT HIS FATHER every now and then. You feed them, you love them, you care for them, you buy them things, and then they leave and don't keep in touch. Sorry mom and dad now I understand.

Thanks for listening


JenZen said...

Ahhhh...glad you made it home OK. It is SO hard to get up on those mornings when everyone's being snuggly. I think I would have stayed in bed too. :-)

ryc: I'm training for the San Antonio Marathon in November - my FIRST!! ACK! I've run several halfs, but never a full. Thanks for the pepto tip too. That's a really good idea! The acid inhibitors have seemed to fix the problem.

Good luck with your long run!

Calyx Meredith said...

Welcome home. One of my new goals is to have one weekend run as long (or longer!) than yours! :D A few months ago that would have seemed like a no way, Jose kind of goal - but I'm close this week. 9 of mine done to the 10 you're contemplating (which will likely turn out to be more - cheater!) Along the "I feel your pain" sentiment - my boys aren't super at texting me or calling me back either. Little buggers.