Saturday, November 1, 2008

Total System Shutdown

It's 5:18 in the afternoon and I'm on the couch napping, still in my pajamas. If you had looked at 2 PM you would have seen the same picture. At noon, same picture. At 10 AM, same picture except I was in bed. I'VE DONE NOTHING TODAY.

I had a stressful week at work. I started getting to work at 6 AM again like I used to do. I got out of this mode for most of this year because I really didn't feel the need to get up that early. Well this week forced me to get in early. It seemed every time I answered the phone someone else wanted something from me that was due yesterday! I'm usually very good at remembering and meeting deadlines but for some reason I got way behind recently. I hate that feeling.

My wife and I went to a college Halloween party last night. She is getting her MBA and as a result hangs out with college students that are 10-15 years younger than us. This party didn't even start until 8 PM! That's an hour before my bedtime for goodness sakes. We had a great time hanging with the kids singing karaoke all night. We made it home at about 2 in the morning. I was driving so I wasn't drinking but I am feeling the effects of the late night.

So Willie's body is in system shutdown today. I've never been able to sleep in late since I go to work so early but I can lounge and nap. I was up at 8 to make breakfast for my little one. I made some coffee and hit the couch. Spent a few minutes there and one of the little one's friends called and want him to come play so he left. Then the big one said he was going to hang-out with some of his friends so he left. What does a married couple do when they have the house to themselves for the first time in decades? They go back to bed! I slept from 10 until 2:30 and it was wonderful! Only reason I got up then was for the Oklahoma State game so I had to transfer from the bed back to the couch. More napping.

Running? Yea I ran this week. I got in runs on Tuesday and Wednesday. 4.5 miles each with Tuesday's run all being in the 7's/mile. I'm running the Jenks, OK 1/2 marathon tomorrow. It's the oldest 1/2 marathon in Oklahoma and a bunch of us from the running club are road-tripping over there early. Should be a lot of fun. The weather here in the center of the USA is wonderful, 70's and sunny.

Thanks for listening


Kristina said...

man, I can't wait for Henry to start taking off with his friends so I can nap for 4 hours. It sounds like a beautiful thing.

RBR said...

You have to have those days where you just "be". Glad you had a good day doing nothing.