Saturday, November 29, 2008

Me, rambling

I got up today and ran 10 miles with the running club. This is my 3rd day off and I had become accustomed to sleeping a little late and we were to meet at 7 AM. Honestly it was tough to get my body and mind out of the bed and into a running mood. Luckily there was a large group and that was enough to get and keep me going. One important benefit of a running club is that they can motivate you through shame. Sometimes that's what I need. 

It's cold here today. We had some rain last night from the look of my driveway this morning. I guess winter is finally here for good, or at least until tomorrow. My right leg does not like this cold weather. I spent the better part of 5 miles getting the stupid thing to loosen up. It never really did but it got to the point where I could run comfortably and I was happy for that. 

Have you ever read or watch To Kill a Mockingbird? I read it years ago. A good friend of mine mentioned that it was their favorite book a few days ago and it got me thinking about the story. Well today when I got home from the run the movie was on. I love little things like that. When you have a random thought or memory hit you from out of nowhere and you wonder why that thought came into your brain. Then you are plastered with it everywhere you look. It always makes me wonder what someone is trying to tell me. I know I read way to much into something like that but it's who I am and I find it interesting. In my way of thinking there are no coincidences. Everything has meaning and purpose. We just sometimes don't get it until much later. 

So To Kill a Mockingbird, can't figure out why that story has hit me. I'll probably dwell on it for days and never figure it out but maybe I'll look into it and find something I have done to some innocent person and make amends. Maybe not, but I'll analyze myself anyway.

On a different note, my little one is TOTALLY captivated with his Christmas presents. He is constantly talking about what he's getting. He is dropping not so subtle hints about what he wants. You can just look into his eyes and see his torment. I miss that innocence and simple desire. I guess it's good that I have become more of a giver than a receiver. I never understood why people always said it's better to give than receiver when I was younger. It sounded like crap to me! I wanted so many things and had nothing to give. Now I still want many things but don't get the same joy out of receiving things since I have the means to get them myself. I do, however, get great joy from giving things. I love to shop for my kids and can go way overboard if allow. I also love giving great gifts to people I know. I try to find interesting, unexpected gifts. Some years I don't have the time but when I do I absolutely love shopping for people. Funny how we change. 

I still want a Big Wheel this year though! That's the coolest gift EVER!!!!!

Thanks for listening 


Southbay Girl said...

Do they still make Big Wheels?? I so remember riding mine around when I was little-I LOVED mine!!!! WOW a big wheel. How cool would that be...but I'm sure my fat ass couldn't fit into the seat. And if I got it into the seat I sure as hell couldn't get it out!!!

Sorry...bit melancholy-just watched Phil Fulmer's last game as the Tennessee Vols Head Coach! Phil you will be missed you are a class act~!!!!

Calyx Meredith said...

I don't really believe you when you say you had to work to get yourself in a running mood. :D I do however believe you when you say you want a Big Wheel! Big Wheels rock! How cool would it be if they made them in our size?! We could have a Big Wheel race! Remember how you could do a cool fishtail by yanking up on the brake and jamming the pedals? Man I loved my Big Wheel!!