Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Trot (limp)

The Turkey Trot started at 9 AM! WOW I love that, I got to sleep in and the sun was good and up by the time we started which meant it was well above the 35 degrees they had predicted.

Unfortunately my running didn't go as well as the weather. I was hoping to use this as my normal Thursday tempo run and hit 7 min/miles for the 8K. I started out well and got the first mile in 6:54 but then my persistent injury decided that it would wake up and start hurting. My right quad tightened into a ball and I was having trouble just keeping a normal stride. I started my Terry Fox-like hobbling and it took a toll on me. I was dead tired by halfway. It was a beautiful morning and it was Thanksgiving and I was RUNNING so it didn't bother me too much that I was really struggling. I slowed up and just enjoyed being alive and running.

A friend past me and told me I was limping pretty badly. I guess I truly was hobbling and not really running. Oh well, I've been through this before, all I need is a massage! Gee what a horrible torture I'll have to endure next week. But that's what Willie's all about, doing the hard things that need to be done. I'm an eternal sufferer I guess. Hey maybe I'll hit the hot-tub too.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for this year. We're alive and we're running. Keep it up and the later will help the previous.

Thanks for listening.


Reese said...

It was a beautiful day for a race, and you are right, we have so much to be thankful for. Great to see you and talk to you for a bit.

RBR said...

So sorry you limped through your Turkey Trot! Be careful of that leg. I have been MIA and missed commenting on your babysitting posts. Truly classic.

One made me spit coffee on my lab table. Good stuff, good stuff my friend.

Great job at Route 66. You are amazing! I hope you had a superific Thanksgiving give my best to the fam fam!

Big Sur is a BEAUTIFUL California marathon in April. I wasn't sure you had heard of it so I thought I would mention.. ;o)