Thursday, September 4, 2008

7 Mile Tempo Run

I felt tired all day today. I was looking forward to this run tonight because I have grown to like tempo runs. I was supposed to do 1 mile easy, 5 miles at 7:26 pace, and then 1 mile easy.

I made the 1 mile easy part with no problem. I got about 2 miles into the tempo portion and hit the wall. I had to stop! I was having flashbacks to Sunday when I totally lost it on my long run. Frustration set in again. I just didn't seem to have it AGAIN! I rested for a bit and decided I would try another mile at the 7:26 pace so I started running again. I made it almost exactly 1 mile and stopped again. Dead tired. Rested and then did another mile. Dead tired. Rested. This time I walked for a good distance before I started running my last mile at tempo pace. I made it to the end of the tempo portion and heard Garmin give that lovely beep-beep-beep that signaled the beginning of my last easy mile! I was able to jog that last mile but I was completely spent when I got back home.

I must not be sleeping enough. I can't seem to figure out what is causing this horrible fatigue. I am hoping it's just my body adjusting to the additional mileage and the change in the weather. Whatever it is it freakin stinks and I hate it!

On a much brighter note, my son has his first Cross Country meet tomorrow! OMG I am so excited for him. This is a momentous occasion in a runner's life. The day his offspring actually start doing something he can relate to. I have spent the last few years suffering through agonizing hours of Soccer, T-ball, Football, even Chess. I see tomorrow as my reward for all those long hours of suffering. Not am I eager to get watch this sport I can actually DO IT! This was sadly not the case with the other sports. I knew absolutely nothing about Soccer, very little about T-ball and Football and Chess.

I may have actually come to that part of fatherhood where I feel I have something to contribute to my son's life! Up to now I have just tried to not be a BAD example for him, let alone actually contribute to his improvement. That was for my wonderfully perfect wife to do. I was like that horrible thing that everyone knew was there but tried to ignore. Not so now! I can actually teach my son something! Willie gets impart some knowledge his offspring that doesn't involve something illegal, immoral, or disgusting.

Of course I know he won't listen to a word I say. I know this because I didn't listen to a word my father told me! That's OK, that just tells me he is MY son and I'm damn proud of that.

Thanks for listening

Route:--Elev. Avg:1167 ft
Location:Edmond, OKElev. Gain:+20 ft
Date:09/04/08Up/Downhill: [+354/-334]
Time:05:17 PMDifficulty:3.7 / 5.0
Weather:A Few Clouds
 84 F temp; 42% humidity
 84 F heat index; winds Vrbl 7
Pace (min/mile)

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RBR said...

Hey man, that is a crazy fast pace. I know it wasn't exactly what you wanted, but I sure am impressed.

I hear you on the no sleep thing. I keep thinking that it will get better, but more than 3 hours at a stretch remains elusive.

I took an unscheduled rest day yesterday. The mind was willing but the body is TIRED.