Sunday, September 7, 2008

A dose of humility

Today was supposed to be 15 miles at 8:11 pace. I set Garmin to yell at me for anything over 8:30. I was being conservative because I HATE it when Garmin gripes at me all the time. She is wonderful and I love her to death, couldn't run without her, BUT she can be a real nag on a bad day.

I felt great. I started out slow (yes she was yelling) to make sure I got properly warmed up before trying to hit my target pace. It was really hot. This was my fault. I slept in a little too much and didn't make it out until about 11:30. Hey guess what Willie? It's F-ing hot at 11:30. No clouds either. I pushed on anyway and eventually was hitting my pace easily. I carried a bottle of Gatorade for the first 3 miles and I think this really helped. I stayed hydrated for most of the run.

I took some short breaks to hit water fountains and porta-potties. I also slowed a few times to just take the edge off the pace a bit. I was more concerned with making the 15 miles than with hitting the pace goal so I was trying to stay relaxed and not fatigued.

I stopped to rehydrate when I made it around to my car at the 10.3 mile mark. My plan was to head on around the dam for about 2.25 miles and turn around in order to get tsweat though!~ he full 15 miles. Well Willie had a bit of trouble getting going again after he stopped to drink. It was hot, the water was good, the car had air conditioning, my legs were enjoying the not-running. NO, I said, I will finish this run. I started jogging out across the dam and picked up my pace to get back in the groove. I never found the groove. I found a lot of pain and sweat though. As you can see from the numbers, I didn't make it to 15. I did walk enough to get the full 15 but I don't count that.

So you may think that Willie is upset and will be depressed but I'm not. I had a great run and it was a quality run. I blame my failure on the heat, I really think I could have made it if I had gotten out earlier. Oh well, I needed a good quality run bad. I didn't get a long run last week and I paid the price in depression all week. So I'm starting this week off on the right foot. I'm off to NY tomorrow and will be there all week. BRING ON THE HILLS! I'll be sure to write.

Thanks for listening


Distance: 10.81 miles
Speed:7.2 mph
Pace:8' 20 /mi
MilePace (min/mile)Speed (mph)Elevation
actual+/- avgactual+/- avg
18' 30+0' 107.0-0.2-3 ft
28' 29+0' 097.1-0.1+4 ft
38' 28+0' 087.1-0.1-4 ft
48' 14-0' 067.3+0.1+10 ft
58' 17-0' 037.2+0.0+3 ft
613' 06+4' 464.6-2.6+7 ft
78' 49+0' 296.8-0.4-13 ft
823' 48+15' 282.5-4.7-7 ft
98' 03-0' 177.4+0.20 ft
107' 58-0' 227.5+0.30 ft
end16' 20+8' 003.7-3.50 ft
Versus average of 8' 20 min/mile


Southbay Girl said...

Now that's the positive Willie!!! You did 15 miles! What an awesome accomplishment for an 11:30am start and with the heat and humidity-and I know how it felt because I could only muster a little over 4 miles and I was sweating like I never sweat! It was GROSS!!!!

Woo hoo! Have fun in NY! I'm off tomorrow-monday and go get prolo tomorrow afternoon and then i work tues and wed on NCIS and thursday, my birthday, i prep a camera for Cold Case and off friday-so yes I'll be running and sheep herding with my girl!! I had wanted to do a gondola wine tasting this saturday for my birthday but it seems I have no friends-no one can make it! So I might either drive up to Pacific grove Tri or go to sheep camp with velcro and drink lots of wine-mind you I'll be drinking lots of wine on thursday as well since it's my birthday and on the 14th it will be a year since the asshole ex-boyfriend walked out on me....not a happy week for me!!

Glad you feel good about your run!!!! Travel safe!!

Calyx Meredith said...

I'm a total wimp when it comes to the heat sucking my energy away - but I love that you sound so positive. Sounds like you had exactly the run you needed - and maybe one that will motivate you to get out earlier next time! :D Miles 9 and 10 were WELL BELOW your goal pace - Yay! Safe travels and have fun on the hills! (I leave for CA on Tuesday.)

JenZen said...

Ok at first I thought it said a dose of "humidity" and I was going to blast you saying that I'll SEND you some REAL humidity. HA. And then I read it again (I'm delirious...don't mind me).

11:30!! Yup - I'll bet it was hot. The heat just KILLS me too. I have to start getting up earlier for those long runs. Either that or Mother Nature needs to start cooperating more. Sheesh.. What IS her problem? At least you got a good 10 in! I have determined that when running in the heat like that one mile is equivalent to two miles. So, REALLY you ran 20! That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

ryc: (REGARDING YOUR COMMENT...heee) I DO have some cool pics and video to post. As soon as things slow down a bit here I'll post those puppies for your storm viewing pleasure. :)

Reese said...

Your NASA photo of the day shows the World Trade Center burning from space. What a sad reminder, but we have perservered.

Sarah said...

Ok, before I get crazy responding to your awesome comment- your NASA shot of the day is, well, breathtaking. Defintely makes you stop and remember. I remember that day.

Next, Thank You. Thank you for your kind, generous words and for making a Missouri girl feel better about herself. I hate being such a negative Nelly, it is not really my personality, but sometimes you just get down in the dumps. I'm thankful for good new friends like you that pick you up! I hope I can do the same for you someday soon. Not that you would be in the dumps, goodness no, but that I can help you too. :)

Next, way to go on your 10-mile run! I agree with everyone else...the humidity is just disgusting and makes every mile feel twice as long. It is miserable. You cannot train properly in this heat. You can't breathe, you can't stay's bad. For that I commend you for picking yourself up and making yourself do it! Especially at 11:30 in the morning!

Have you gotten any awesome runs in while in NY? I've always wanted to have a jog through Central Park.

Oh, one more thing, I saw that you did the Tulsa Marathon last year? I was there! I didn't run it, I had just run a marathon the week before but I went to watch some of my friends run it. What a cool race! I was going to do it this year, but it falls on the same day as San Antonio. Tulsa gives out awesome shirts and really cool medals! I hope the weather this year is like last year for you. Cool with a mist...that would be great.

Thanks again, and have a super day.