Saturday, September 13, 2008

Race for Freedom 10K

Today was my return to racing. I decided to do this race because, well, I just wanted to, OK? Geesh, can't a guy run a race just because he wants to? I know I haven't been to a race in months but so what? Sometimes you really bother me...

Anyhoo, it was really humid this morning. Remember how I LOVE humidity? Oh yea, right up there with liver and broccoli! There was a storm hovering just north of the race course but it didn't bother to hit until after the race. Thanks for that.

Being that it was humid and I don't run well in the humidity I took it easy right? WRONG, first mile in 6:36. Oh you silly people, don't you know Willie by now! But it felt so good and easy. I was relaxed and my strides were painless. OK so I was running up with the front pack and should have known (actually I did know, Garmin was giving me a desperate look of shock and awe) that this was way to fast.

As you can see from the split table, I ran the first 3 miles really well! To bad the race was a 10K. As you can also see from the table WILLIE DIED A HORRIBLE AND PAINFUL DEATH in the last 3 miles. Who the heck do I think I am going out that fast? I know better damn it.

Oh and did I mention that they (wonderful race planners) put a hill at mile 4. Oh, oh, oh and did I mention that the hill was on an out-and-back part of the course so we got to run it at mile 4 and mile 5! Yea for us.

I did get in a race to the finish though. I had followed this guy for the last few miles and was determined to beat him. Well he was determined to not be beat so we came to a dead sprint with 100 yards to go. It's funny how many thought can go through your head so quickly. Here is how my thoughts went over the span of about 5 seconds.

"I can get him, go go go"
"Oh crap he has another gear too"
"Ok I can't get him let him go"
"Hey he looks like he's slowing go get him"
"Wow we got next to him! go go go"
"Oh shit, he's going again"
"Where'd he get that speed, Ok he's got me"
"Oh where'd that come from, WOW another gear go Willie!"
"Here comes the finish, push harder and you got him"
"Damn this guy is fast, he's got me"
"Oh WOW we're side-by-side"
"Hey that's a narrow finish"
"It's hot today"
"I suppose leaning for the finish won't work since it's the chip that scores us. Maybe I can throw my leg out somehow!"
"Last 5 feet, don't let up"
"AGGGGG He beat me!"

Yea, he beat me. Our times were identical but he was scored ahead of me. Oh well, it was fun to race like that again. I jogged a bit after the race and let Garmin run so there are some extra splits on the table.

16 mile long run tomorrow with the group. I hope it goes well.

Now it's time to watch the BUCKEYES!!! Go Bucks! Beat those Trojans!!

Thanks for listening

LATE UPDATE (because Willie is stupid!)
I should really check my stats more. I SET A PR! I ran a 44:59 today which I thought was just Ok but was actually a new PR for me! Took me all day to actually recognize it. Gotta go update the list....


Distance:7.09 miles

Speed:8.0 mph

Pace:7' 29 /mi


Pace (min/mile)
MilePace (min/mile)Speed (mph)Elevation
actual+/- avgactual+/- avg
16' 36-0' 539.1+1.1-4 ft
27' 00-0' 298.6+0.5+7 ft
37' 06-0' 238.4+0.40 ft
47' 45+0' 167.7-0.3+43 ft
57' 31+0' 028.0-0.0-32 ft
67' 22-0' 078.1+0.1-3 ft
718' 07+10' 383.3-4.7-17 ft
end10' 38+3' 095.6-2.40 ft
Versus average of 7' 29 min/mile


Reese said...

Great job on the P R. After reading your previous post, I thought "I can pace behind Willie, and I'll probably P R." That strategy went out the window in the first 100 feet. Just wasn't my day. But it was great to race semi-long. Good to talk to you.

Sarah said...

Great job on the PR!

Southbay Girl said...

I was expecting a PR from you when I saw your first mile split-what the.....were you smoking crack or something going out that fast! Hell, I would have passed out and died!!!