Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another lap around the lake

Today I ran 10 miles around the wonderful, fabulous, outstanding Lake Hefner. This was my second lap of the lake in 3 days. Obviously I like this place. It's just such a wonderful place to get away and run. It was many different sections so it's easy to break down the run into sections. Let me walk, uh-hm, I mean run you around a lap. 

We'll start at Stars and Stripes park because well, that's just where you're supposed to start. We pick the direction to go based on which way the wind is blowing. A south wind means we'll head East because the East side of the lake is wide open and we don't want the wind in our face on the way back. So we head out on the trail and pass the little inner loop trails because we don't need to add any extra distance to this run but if we did those are the perfect way to do it. We stay on the main trail and reach the turn North. This is decision time because the trail splits for pedestrians and cyclists. The cycle trail is asphalt and the pedestrian trail is concert. The pedestrian trail is also longer as it hugs the lake and takes many turns. The cycle trail is a straight shot North. Taking the cycle trail risks suffering the wrath of angry blurs of cyclists traveling at very high rates of speed by you even though the technical definition of pedestrians does not include runners (look it up, it's true!). 

So what do we do? Of course we take the cycle trail. The reasons are obvious. We have a stiff wind at our backs, the Lake Hefner parkway on our right and the beautiful lake on our left. WATCH OUT! That was a biker. There are very few trees over here so we are out in the open prairie enjoying all the Oklahoma has to offer. When we reach the marina the trails merge again and we hit some population again. There's the really super cool sailboats, one of which I will own one day, then there's the restaurants which we started smelling a few yards back on the trail. Still don't know what the new one will be but they are sure building something nice. Get past the that and the lighthouse comes in view. I've never actually been out to that lighthouse but I've taken about a dozen pictures of it with the sun setting over the lake in the background. Did I mention this section of the lake is on the OKC marathon course? Well it is and I got my picture taken right here with the lighthouse in the background last year. Very cool. 

Once we pass Louie's and resist the urge to stop for a margarita, we can continue on up past the area where the kite surfers ride. 

OK, I'm out of time so I'll have to finish the lap tomorrow.

Thanks for listening.


Calyx Meredith said...

Ok - I'll just sit right here at Louie's drinking that margarita you passed up until you return. ;D Love the virtual tour! (Mmm - great marg!)

JenZen said...

Stop for margarita while running?? Seriously?? And I thought I was bad with ice cream. HA!!

I'm so excited you guys are coming for Mardi Gras. Guess I have to get in gear to run it then. Just shy of two months. I can do it! :D

RBR said...

Umm, dude, you left us here half way around the lake!