Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A new day

Today I was much better. Thank you for all the nice comments, they really helped. No more Bummer-Willie-ness I promise.

I got some sleep last night which really helps one's mood (who would have thought?!?). The Little One is doing much better and has really taken to being waited on hand and (broken leg attached) foot. The boy was already spoiled rotten. I was afraid he would get tired and bored with laying on the couch all day but he's not complained yet. In fact he didn't even leave the bed today! What a life. His leg does really hurt when we move him so this may be why he's OK with staying put. The fear of pain is strong.

After a thorough investigation and much interrogation (torture), I have concluded that the Big One is innocent of all wrong-doing in this matter. He has returned to his normal status as just a suspect in all things and is no longer considered guilty.

I got a 6 mile run in tonight which felt great. It wasn't as long as I really needed but it was better than nothing. I know, I know, Tuesday is speedwork night but I just didn't want to be on a track tonight. I wanted to be free and run where I wanted. I don't need the speedwork anyway. I ran an old course that is one of my favorites. I have many memories of struggles and triumphs on this course and it's like an old friend to me. Sometimes old friends are the best because you can forget about them and then when they return it's just that much better. The memories come flooding back and you get to find out all the things that have happened to them since you last saw them. Wonderful.

I wish you all could have seen the sunset tonight. It doesn't compare to the California beach sunsets I love so much but for Oklahoma it was wonderful. Picture layers of orange getting darker as they moved away from a brilliant bright core. I had an old friend who would always say "Nice job" to God when he saw sunsets like that. He was an old Army soldier who served in Vietnam and had a heart transplant. He had lived through enough stuff that he had an inside track to the big man. I think they were both impressed with each other so they got along nicely. If you're listening, nice job tonight.

I did have a small pain behind my right knee tonight that was new. It didn't speak up until mile 5 and I'm sure it's related to my persistent pain in my right thigh. I'm a little afraid it could be my IT band acting up. I really don't need that considering I've got a marathon in less than 2 weeks. IT band pain scares me. It hurts and I don't ever want to go through that again. I'll stretch it all day tomorrow and hopefully it will decide to move on and let me be.

Thanks for listening


Calyx Meredith said...

Maybe it was sympathy pain with your Little One? Take care of your legs and eat some ice cream. I've heard that makes it all better. :D

Sarah said...

You're running another marathon in 2 weeks? My goodness....

Where is this one?

JenZen said...

WAIT...you're running Mardi Gras in 2009 or 2010??? Which "next year"?? It's really a great race..not too crowded and best shirt ever - an under armour tech shirt.

Anonymous said...

Hey - nice look of the blog - I haven't visited in awhile. Sorry about the little one's broken leg. That's a hell of an emotional roller coaster you were on. How's the little one doing?