Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My first attempt at planning

The new Runner's World includes the anual marathon guide so I looked through it and began planning for next year. Here's what I got so far.

February 1 - Mardi Gras
March 28 - Olathe, Kansas
April 26 - OKC Memorial
June 27 - Seattle
July 26 - San Francisco
September 19 - Air Force Marathon
October 4 - Spirit of Survival
November 8 - Outer Banks, North Carolina
December 13 - Dallas White Rock

Yea, I know that's a lot but I won't make all of them. I want to set a new PR in OKC this year, run Seattle just to go there for the first time, and run the Outer Banks just because it's my favorite place in all the world. Money and work will make the final determination for how many I actually run.

Olathe, OKC, Spirit of Survival, and Dallas are local so I will make those easily.

I've planned every year to run the Air Force marathon but have never made it. There's a good possibility of repeating that this year too.

So that's my first take at planning these things. I don't enjoy it at all. I'm much better at just finding the race a week before and signing up. I suppose this is part of getting older and something I should start doing more of. I won't make it a resolution because I know I'll never keep it.

Thanks for listening


JenZen said...

Ohh - cool race line-up! Jeff and I want to do Seattle this year too! We may see you there.

Southbay Girl said...

Country Music Half or Full on April 25th???? Dave Mathews concert that night at Vandy stadium

Terri said...

I read about the OKC Memorial marathon in Runner's World. that sounds like an awesome, if very sobering race. They said that family members of those who died in the bombings are the ones to place medals around your neck. I definitely know that'd make me cry.

RBR said...

Ok, I will forgive the fact that Big Sur is not on the list since OKC is on the same day. But I will be there with bells on for San Francisco to either cheer or run with you! It will be the day after Run Buddy gets married and the day after my 40th birthday (yes, she is getting married on my 40th birthday)

Calyx Meredith said...

OBX=mighty darn close to B2B. Just saying! You could do a tri instead!! :D I'll be wishing you all the best this year! (Not sure if we can make the Country Music race - but we might try if you and Penny will both be there!!)