Sunday, December 21, 2008

An unexpected run and a nice surprise

It's cold.
It's really freakin cold
It's totally freakin bone-chilling cold.

So I went for a run.

I've been off work now since last Tuesday. I'm still sane but only barely. The boys and I are having a lot fun doing guy stuff which really means doing nothing since that's what guys do best. Total bums, all of us. The dog even looks at us like we're pathetic.

I decided that I needed to get out on Friday so I went to a running club party where we ran around town looking at Christmas lights. Afterwards we ate (well) and had a nice get together. I took The Little One with me and we both had a lot of fun. That was my first run since the Dallas marathon and it felt really good. I'm trying really hard to not think about training for another marathon and just enjoy the time off. I want to get back to just running again. I need a break from "training".

I hadn't planned on running again for a few days. Something hit me today, though, and I just needed to get out and run a bit. No long run this weekend since I've got the boys and I don't want to leave The Little One alone with his brother for long while I can't get back quickly.

Did I mention it's cold? No? Well it's cold here. High of 30 today. I bundled myself up in my nice warm Brooks running jacket (absolutely wonderful!) and my Mizuno running pants (also fabulous) and hit the streets. I forgot how much I like running in a lot of clothes. It covers up all my blubber so I don't have to be self-conscious about what's jiggling around!

The run felt WONDERFUL! I started Garmin but didn't look at her for the entire run. In case you're wondering, we still aren't getting along since she dissed me in Dallas. She is very moody and I'm stubborn. Anyway, the run was great and I easily fell into a nice pace. I had tons of energy since I was well rested and kept good form. I made 3 miles before my cell phone went off with a wonderful surprise. SouthBay Girl was in town! She was driving through on her way to Tennessee and we were doing a late lunch. I hussled home and caught a quick shower (my first in days!!!) and piled the boys into the car.

We met SouthBay Girl and Velcro at Louie's by the lake. You remember Louie's from our run around the lake last week. Wonderful place. Unfortunelty it was very cold so we didn't get to spend much time playing with Velcro but it was enough. She is such a wonderful dog. She even spoke to me.
I'm sure Southbay Girl will post her pics as soon as she makes it home. Be sure to check out her blog since she takes much better pics of Velcro than I do.


Southbay Girl said...

Is that a hat on my head? And a down coat on? I haven't seen myself in that many clothes in a long time!!! I had a wonderful time! I'm so glad the weather was good so I didn't have to drive thru the hell known as TEXAS...instead I drove the 40 and got to stop and have lunch with you and your wonderful boys!!! Thanks so much for lunch!!!! It was great seeing you again!!!! Hopefully on the 1st or 2nd we can do it again!!!

Merry the way, it's cold in Arkansas too!!!

Terri said...

Hi Willie, I've been reading Penny's blog for a while, and saw that she met with you on her trip back East. If she likes you, then you must be alright.

I read through some of your posts and I really like your blog voice.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello. Hope you have a good holiday and that you get to see Penny again - I wish I could meet her in person, but unfortunately she and I are located as far away as two people can be in the US and still be in the same country (I'm outside of Boston.)

By the way, I love your "moon of the day" pictures, they're beautiful!