Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A new goal for me!! I've got to do this


JenZen said...

Holy crap!! Are you nuts???? Umm..I will take the "no, thank you" route on that one.

JenZen said...

WAIT - WHA??? It's your birthday today?? And here I am mocking you on my blog. Happy Birthday!!!

Terri said...

oh my god, no!! It's wait too cold down there! But I have heard running in snowshoes is pretty cool...

By the way, i saw it's your birthday today - happy birthday! My older brother has a birthday today too, and everyone always forgets!

Happy new year too!

RBR said...

Holy Shit!I missed your birthday? So sorry about that. Wait. It is not my fault since you never told me when your birthday was. It is YOUR fault!



New Year's eve has to be the coolest birthday EVER!

And yeah, I don't know about the snowshoe, parka wearing marathon. Seems a little... well, a little right up your alley!