Saturday, December 6, 2008

A wheelchair and a 5K

The Little One went to the doctor on Thursday and received a wonderful new gift. A wheelchair. He is now (somewhat) mobile. His leg has stopped hurting as much or the pain medicine is masking it, either way he doesn't seem to have much pain when he's picked up anymore. This makes life a little easier. He is completely spoiled and pampered like an Egyptian king! This has made life somewhat more difficult since my wife and I both want to wring his little neck from time to time. He is awfully cute in the wheelchair though.

I missed my Thursday run because of a funeral for a running club member. I was able to get off work earlier on Friday (thank you flex-time) and hit the lake for a lap. I got to the lake when the sun was still up so it was kinda warm. I decided to wear shorts and a long sleeved shirt. After about 6 miles the sun met the horizon and it got COLD! I pulled my sleeved over my hands and struggled to get back to my truck. I forced myself to think warm thoughts. I pictured myself in a hot bubble bath, then I pictured the beach in North Carolina, then the beach in California, then the Andy Payne marathon (that one was bad so I quickly put it out of my mind), then a hot fire beside the Christmas tree. It was so cold that Garmin couldn't take it and decided to close down. She said something about low batteries the whole run but I know she just doesn't like the cold. I made it home and jumped in a hot bath. I should say luke-warm bath because someone had used up the hot water.

This morning I ran the Downtown in December 5K. I hate 5K's but this one starts and finishes in downtown OKC which is a pretty cool place to run. They also give out Santa hats to run in. I had initially wanted to run with the Santa hat but decided against it once I realized it flopped around way too much. I ran a 21:30 something which really SUCKS but I'm counting that as my speedwork since I didn't do that this week.

I've got 1 week left before my 7th marathon this year. I am hoping to get a good 10 miler tomorrow and see how I feel. I also need to check the 10 day forecast for Dallas to see what the marathon Gods have decided to throw at us. I've heard stories of snow and sleet and also heat and humidity. Bring it on!

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Calyx Meredith said...

Glad the Little One is in less pain!! When Donna broke her leg as a kid - she was in the hospital in a body cast from her ribs down one leg. Not being able to move had a HUGE impact on her psyche - so I'm happy to hear that your guy is mobile. Hope you get happier with your runs this week!